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Smash Ultimate – How to Unlock King K. Rool

Everyone and their mom is playing Super Smash Bros Ultimate right now, and a lot of you are wondering how to play as King K. Rool. Below, we’ll tell you all you need to know about how to unlock King K. Rool in Smash Ultimate. As with every character, there are multiple ways in which you can unlock the Donkey Kong Country villain.

Who is King K. Rool?

King K. Rool is one of Donkey Kong’s original adversaries. The bloated crocodile king is the leader of the Kremlings, an old-school enemy of Donkey Kong’s from back in his Country days. K. Rool appeared in a good number of Donkey Kong games, but his most recent appearance was in Mario Super Sluggers back in 2008 as a playable character.

How To Unlock King K. Rool in Smash Ultimate

Unfortunately, King K. Rool isn’t one of the original eight playable characters in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, so you will have to unlock him. Thankfully, there are multiple simple ways in which you can do so. As with any unlockable character in Smash Ultimate, however, you will need to beat King K. Rool in a fight before you can unlock him.

The easiest way to unlock King K Rool is through Classic Mode. To unlock King K Rool via Classic Mode, all you need to do is complete it (at any difficulty level) with Link. Upon doing this you will have to beat King K Rool in a one-on-one fight, unlocking him when you win. Find out how to replay the new challenger fights with our guide.

There are other ways of unlocking King K. Rool, however. You can unlock him simply by taking part in regular battles. Based on your levels of input, you will unlock new characters every so often simply by playing Smash Ultimate. It will count your button input on every mode, but the unlock order will remain the same (missing out any characters you’ve already unlocked via Classic Mode and World of Light). Based on this, King K Rool is the sixteenth fighter you will unlock, after Jigglypuff, and before Sonic.

Smash Ultimate – How To Unlock King K Rool in World of Light

You can unlock any character by playing through Smash Ultimate’s World of Light mode, too. King K Rool, however, is one of the later characters you will unlock. You’ll have to reach the World of Dark before you can unlock him. Once you do, you will find King K. Rool waiting for you in the Mysterious Dimension, nearby to the Risky Boots Spirit battle.