Box art - Just Cause 4

Just Cause 4 Cow Gun Location – Where to Find

Moo-ve over, Saints Row 4‘s Dubstep Gun. The Just Cause 4 Cow Gun is here and is ready to give your foes a beefy bovine injection. Even better, the Cow Gun location doesn’t require you to jump through any hoops (though Rico can certainly try his best to skydive through a few on the way there). Here’s how to unlock the Cow Gun in Just Cause 4.

Where to Find the Just Cause 4 Cow Gun

The Just Cause 4 Cow Gun is insanely easy to find and pick up. As shown above, head to that marker, north east of Vaivenes. From there, mosey on over to the farm and you’ll see a house. You’ll see a porch. People will be talking, sweeping, and generally going about the day, completely oblivious to the fact that a Cow Gun is just sitting there in front of a pair of plant pots.

You can’t miss it-it’s adorned with black and white camo- but, just in case, here’s a picture for reference. Pick it up. Go on, you know you want to.

What Does the Just Cause 4 Cow Gun Do?

The first thing you should know is that the Just Cause 4 Cow Gun has unlimited ammo. The second thing you should know is that it turns people into cows. Maybe I should have mentioned that part first?

Simply fire at your target and you’ll hear a little cowbell (of course) then a “Moo.” You’re not hallucinating: you just turned someone into a cow in a video game in 2018. Red Dead Redemption 2, eat your heart out. Pressing the alternate fire button (R1 on PS4/RB on Xbox One) will turn Rico into a cow.

You can even net yourself the Cow-Moo-Flage trophy/achievement by using the Cow Gun to turn 10 members of the Black Hand gang into cows during one play session.