Box art - Just Cause 4

Just Cause 4 Take On Me Secret – A-Ha Easter Egg

Like any Just Cause game, Just Cause 4 is absolutely packed with wonderful Easter eggs and secrets, from the Jurassic Park re-creation to a proper Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy minigame. None of these, however, are as epically great as the Just Cause 4 Take On Me Easter egg room. This is a whole room in the game devoted to the popular A-Ha song, but where is it, and what does it look like? We’ve got the answers.

Where to Find the Just Cause 4 Take On Me Secret Room

Just Cause 4 Take On Me Secret Location

Head to the map point above. It’s in the western part of the Solis island map, west of Paso Ventoso. There’s a little city here. Head to the western side of this city. You’ll probably pass over a stadium, and up some tall buildings. You’ll see a building that’s under construction, with some staircases heading down into the building. Land on the building and head down. You’ll quickly hear some very familiar music playing…

What is the Just Cause 4 Take On Me Easter Egg?

Just Cause 4 Take On Me Easter Egg

Head into the building and not only will the entire room go black and white, you’ll see a woman behind a glass wall, and things seem normal. She’ll walk out into your weird side and start dancing. This whole area is a big homage to the classic a-ha song “Take On Me,” more specifically to the iconic music video you can see below. In it, a woman slips into a black and white line drawing in a magazine, and starts dancing with a man from one of the cartoons. This room is Just Cause 4‘s near-perfect re-creation, and it’s so perfect that developer Avalanche Studios has even licensed the song. You can sit in the room and listen to the entire recording if you wish. However, sadly there is no way to make Rico dance…