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FIFA 19 1.09 Update Patch Notes | Colorblind settings, new game faces, and more

The FIFA 19 1.09 update has just gone live on Xbox One and PS4. The new FIFA 19 Title Update #8, to give it its official moniker, is just a minor one, but it’s worth checking out thanks to some accessibility changes. That’s because, as the FIFA 19 1.09 update patch notes show below, there’s a big change for colorblind gamers, and even a few graphical updates to boot. Here’s everything that’s changed today in the new FIFA update on February 14.

FIFA 19 1.09 Update

Colorblind settings

If you boot up FIFA 19 after the 1.09 update has installed then you’ll soon notice a new “Accessibility” tile on the main menu. It’s part of EA’s push to help those who have issues with sight and colorblindness. Here, you can change the following:

  • Player Indicator sizes
  • Colorblindness settings for “Red Weak,” “Blue Weak,” and “Green Weak”

Hopefully, this will make colors pop far more clearly for those who suffer from the condition, which can only be applauded.

New face scans and 2D portraits

There are now over 200 new players who have 2D portraits in-game. While EA hasn’t released the full list, this is likely to affect those who have risen to prominence over the past few months or just to complete a few absences in any given team.

Additionally, 700 2D portraits have been updated. With the recent kerfuffle over Wilfried Zaha’s hairstyle in-game, it’s good to see EA is keeping on top of the ever changing looks (and locks) of some of the world’s finest ‘ballers.

La Liga fix

Finally, there’s a minor change that only really impacts those who play La Liga games in both Career Mode and in Kick Off. Previously, some La Liga badges were not showing properly on the official scoreboards, nor the pre-match graphics. This has since been remedied, so you should have the complete La Liga experience waiting for you if you want to give it a try.

FIFA 19 1.09 Update Patch Notes


Made the following changes:

  • The Accessibility settings can now be accessed from the FIFA Main Menu by selecting the new Accessibility icon in the bottom left of the screen.
  • Added a new Colour Blindness setting.
    • There are three options that will make changes to all screens in the game.
      • Protanopia (Red Weak)
      • Deuteranopia (Green Weak)
      • Tritanopia (Blue Weak)
    • If the setting is set to Default, it will have no impact on the game.
    • Added a new Player Indicator Size setting.
    • Enabling this setting will cause the player’s overhead indicator, to show which player they are controlling in gameplay, to be larger.
    • In an Online Match, only the indicator for your controlled player will be larger.

Visual / Presentation:

Made the following changes:

  • Added 2D portraits to over 200 players that previously did not have a portrait.
  • Updated 2D portraits on over 700 players.
  • Updates to a number of team kits, crests and banners.

Addressed the following issues:

  • The crests of some teams were not displaying correctly in the La Liga broadcast package.