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Smash Ultimate Incineroar – How to Unlock Incineroar

Smash Bros Ultimate players are hard at work unlocking all of the 74 characters in the game. One of the newest additions to the roster is the Pokemon Incineroar. Want to be able to play as the dual fire-dark type? Here’s how to unlock Incineroar in Smash Ultimate.

Smash Ultimate Incineroar – Who is Incineroar?

Incineroar is a generation VII Pokemon, and is the final form of starter Pokemon Litten. Its design is based on a cat that stands on its hind legs, and has a muscular build. Incineroar was first introduced to the Pokemon series in the Alolan region in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.

With its fearsome demeanour, fiery belt that encircles its midriff, and physical stature, Incineroar is perfectly placed to fight in Smash Ultimate.

How to Unlock Incineroar in Smash Ultimate

To unlock Incineroar in Smash Ultimate, you’ll need to play through Classic Mode with a number of different characters. First, you’ll need to select Samus Aran, and play through the variety of stages until you face off in a one-on-one battle with Inkling. You’ll have the chance to fight, beat, and unlock Inkling after you work your way through Samus’ scripted journey through the Smash Ultimate universe.

Once you have unlocked Inkling, you’ll have to play through Inkling’s Classic Mode adventure. At the end of this, you’ll encounter Wii Fit Trainer. Beat them to unlock this character. Once again, play through Classic Mode as Wii Fit Trainer until your end battle against Pit. Beat Pit to unlock him. When you have Pit, you’ll be ready to unlock Incineroar. Play through Pit’s Classic Mode run until you face Incineroar in one final showdown. If you beat Incineroar, you’ll have added it to your collection of unlocked characters.

The only other option is to unlock these characters through Smash Ultimate‘s World of Light Mode. If you already have Inkling, Wii Fit Trainer, or Pit from this, you can unlock Incineroar quicker in Classic Mode by foregoing their Classic Mode runs.