Destiny 2 2.12 Update Today December 11 – Patch Notes and Info

Bungie has dropped the Destiny 2 2.12 update into our laps. While the changes are negligible, knowing what’s changed in the December 11 Destiny 2 update today is well worth shouting about, especially if A) You’re grinding your way to the new Power Level ceiling of 650 and B) You are having trouble buying the Annual Pass. It’s all here in the Destiny 2 2.12 update patch notes.

Destiny 2 2.12 Update – Prime Engrams

Bungie has given you a helping hand with this new Destiny 2 update today, especially if your Power Level is under 600. If that’s the case, you’ll be finding Prime Engrams dropping a lot more frequently. While the official drop rate hasn’t been revealed (and is never likely to see the light of day), the patch notes dictate that “Prime engrams will now drop more frequently and with larger power bumps for players under 600 Power.”

What that means is, essentially, if a Prime Engram drops, you’re going to be looking at larger Power shifts if the RNG gods are in your favor. However, to get a Prime Engram drop, you’re still going to have to be level 50. Once you’ve got one, you’ll have it stashed away in your inventory, ready for the relevant Cryptarch to decrypt it on the Traveler. This is just an extra boost for those struggling to move the numbers at the Destiny 2 endgame, but it’s a welcome one.

Destiny 2 2.12 Update – Annual Pass Bug

Finally (these Destiny 2 patch notes today are super short), an Annual Pass bug has been rectified. Previously, players were finding themselves unable to purchase the add-on through the game’s Director, particularly if they had already owned the Forsaken DLC pack. That’s been sorted out now, so the new upcoming content in 2019 will be yours should you choose to buy it. Just go to the Director and try it out for yourself if you’re interested.