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Red Dead Online Sell to Butcher Error – Is There a Fix?

Players are continuing to play the Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online and, as can be expected, they’re still encountering certain bugs in the game. One that plenty have come across lately is the Red Dead Online sell to butcher error. So, is there a Red Dead Online sell to butcher error fix?

What is the Red Dead Online Sell to Butcher Error?

Just like in single-player mode, you can sell unwanted meat and pelts to butchers scattered throughout the Red Dead Online map to earn some cash. However, some players are finding that there’s a glitch when selling items to butchers that prevents them from getting money back, or even trying to sell their items in the first place.

Some gamers have complained online (via Reddit) and stated what exactly the problem is. It seems that holding down the A button on the Xbox One controller or X button on PS4 – the button used to sell items in bulk – freezes after a while on certain items and doesn’t complete the transaction. This issue is compounded by players losing out on cash as the sale doesn’t register in game, or losing their items despite backing out of the butcher sale menu.

Is There a Red Dead Online Sell to Butcher Error Fix?

There doesn’t seem to be a foolproof way to solve this problem just yet. Some players have mentioned that spamming the sell button, instead of holding it down to sell items in bulk, helps to correct this, but this hasn’t been verified by Rockstar.

The only definitive solution to this is to get in contact with Rockstar yourself. You can fill in this Red Dead Online feedback form to make them aware of the bug. If enough players do so, Rockstar should sit up and take notice of it, and patch a fix into the game sooner rather than later.