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Red Dead Online Lasso Glitch – Is There a Fix?

The Red Dead Online beta, Red Dead Redemption 2’s online multiplayer mode, continues to chalk up errors for Rockstar Games to study and fix. One of the latest to occur is the Red Dead Online lasso glitch. Have Rockstar found a Red Dead Online lasso glitch fix to appease players affected by this bug?

What is the Red Dead Online Lasso Glitch?

Players can use their lasso in Red Dead Online, like in single player, to catch horses, prey, NPCs, and fellow human players. Instead of having to chase them down and tackle them to the ground, the lasso allows you to capture them and break them – to get a new horse – or hogtie them – to capture criminals, enemies, or generally annoy your mates.

However, some players have taken to the Red Dead Redemption Reddit page to claim that a lasso glitch is stopping them from capturing people and animals properly. One user stated that, when they lock on, using the LT or L2 trigger on your Xbox One or PS4 controller respectively, the red dot appears to lasso them. However, once the lasso is thrown it glitches through the animal or person instead of tying to them.

Is There a Red Dead Online Lasso Glitch Fix?

Unfortunately not right now. It seems that this may be a new problem that players are encountering in Red Dead Online after the game’s latest update – the Red Dead Redemption 2 1.05 patch – and it could be a while before Rockstar can patch in a fix.

If you’ve come across this issue, your best bet is to let Rockstar know. You can fill in this Red Dead Online feedback form on their website, and it’ll be pinged through to the development team. If they receive enough complaints, the bug will hopefully be sorted quickly and allow you to hogtie everyone and everything again soon.