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Fallout 76 Update Schedule – What Patches are Coming?

Fallout 76 has been out for over a month now, and the patches have been steadily streaming in as Bethesda attempts to fix all the problems with the game, from small desktop crashes to rather more sinister fare. Now the studio has revealed the Fallout 76 update schedule for this year and beyond. What fixes can we expect in the remainder of this year, and what Fallout 76 updates are planned for 2019? Let’s check it out.

Fallout 76 Update Schedule – What Patches are Due This Month?

Bethesda posted the update schedule in a blog post over on the Fallout website. The previous patch arrived just yesterday, bringing the game up to version 1.04 and adding C.A.M.P. improvements, push-to-talk, field-of-view sliders for the PC version, and other fixes. The studio says that it plans to bring out one more update for the game in the middle of the month, around December 18, which will focus on stability and “other concerns” as raised by the Fallout 76 community. Hopefully it’ll be more substantial than the widescreen patch for 21:9 aspect ratio, which is apparently only a .ini file hack.

What’s In the Fallout 76 Update Schedule For 2019?

The December 18 update will be the last one of 2018, as Bethesda plans ahead for 2019. The next patches will be coming “early” next year and will contain new game content such as quests, general bug fixes, and further fixes and changes based on player feedback. As for the additional content, hopefully that will include access to the game’s additional Vaults, such as Vault 63, which are currently sealed and are rumored to be the setting for the Fallout 76 version of Raids. Another possible update could be the addition of NPCs, whose omission has been one of the most criticized parts of Fallout 76. We’ll know more going into 2019, but it’s clear that Bethesda isn’t giving up on Fallout 76 just yet.