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Battlefield 5 Controller Vibration Bug Fix

Battlefield 5 players have uncovered a problem with their gamepads on Xbox One, PS4, and those that use them on PC. A Battlefield 5 controller vibration bug is preventing gamers from feeling the full impact of both single player and multiplayer modes. Is there a Battlefield 5 controller vibration bug fix that can solve the issue then?

What is the Battlefield 5 Controller Vibration Bug?

It’s exactly what it sounds like. Xbox One and PS4 controllers have technology built into them that allows the gamepad to rumble and vibrate when certain things occur in games. These can be explosions, tussling with a foe in melee combat, the rumble of a vehicle passing by, or something else.

Some players haven’t been able to experience the true effect of Battlefield 5 for a while now due to this bug. It seems to be affecting Grand Operations mode more than most, according to a known bugs list on the game’s Reddit page, but there are other accounts online of being present in other modes.

Is There a Battlefield 5 Controller Vibration Bug Fix?

Not currently, but Battlefield 5 developer EA DICE is hard at work on sorting a solution with the game’s next update. EA DICE made players aware that a fix is incoming with the next patch – via the game’s Reddit page again – but they haven’t said when that will be just yet.

The issue has been identified though, so it shouldn’t be too long of a wait until you can get controller vibration back. For now, you can either play Grand Operations without a rumble feature, or try out one of the game’s other modes if you really miss feeling your controller vibrate. As soon as a fix is out in the open, we’ll be sure to update this article., so keep checking back to see when the patch goes live.