Happy Holidays 2018 PS4 Theme – How to Get?

Seasons greetings, happy holidays, and anything else festive you may want to say. To celebrate the holiday season, Sony is giving out a timed-exclusive Happy Holidays 2018 PS4 Theme. Read on to discover how to get your glove-warmed mitts on the festive dynamic theme for free. We’ll also go into a little detail on what the theme actually looks like, too, as a bonus gift.

Happy Holidays 2018 PS4 Theme – What is it?

The Happy Holidays 2018 PS4 Theme is a dynamic theme, which means it is animated. While you will no doubt see more festive decorations in your time, it does carry a certain holiday cheer.  Emblazoned upon a red brick wall is a neon sign that simply says “Happy Holidays or PlayStation,” switching between the two. Surrounding the neon sign are some classic Christmas decorations such as a tree, holly, and snowflakes. You’ll get the same design on the top of the theme, too, but larger.

Nicely, the Happy Holidays 2018 PS4 Theme also changes your system’s font, icons, and folder borders into a neon red. It looks rather stylish if we don’t say so ourselves. Plus, some smooth jazz will play on in the background, perfect for relaxation. Read on to discover how exactly you can get hold of the theme.

Happy Holidays 2018 PS4 Theme – How to Get

Unfortunately, there only appears to be one way in which you can get hold of the Happy Holidays Theme. You can only get hold of the theme via an email from PSN. If you’re already signed up to receive promotions, then checking your emails might be worth a shot if you’re after the festive Theme. If you aren’t signed in to receive promotions, however, you’ll want to head into your PSN settings and check a box that asks if you’d like to receive promotions.

It’s also worth simply checking the PSN Theme Store for the Happy Holidays 2018 PS4 Theme, you might see it pop up.

This isn’t the first time Sony has treated us to a free dynamic theme. We got a Happy Holidays theme last year, a PlayStation 20th Anniversary Theme, and an LGBT Pride Month Theme, too.