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How to Unlock Corrin in Smash Ultimate

Smash Bros Ultimate players continue their quest to unlock every character in the game. One of the more difficult fighters to add to your roster is Corrin. Here’s how to unlock Corrin in Smash Ultimate if you’re having trouble doing so.

How to Unlock Corrin in Smash Ultimate – Who is Corrin?

Corrin is the main playable character in Fire Emblem Fates. Also known by their pseudonym Avatar, Corrin is the person at the centre of a tussle between two nations, and is the child of the deceased King of Hoshido. Corrin can be either male or female in Fates, and made their debut in the Smash Bros series as a DLC character in Smash Bros 4 for 3DS and the Wii U.

How to Unlock Corrin in Smash Ultimate Classic Mode

To unlock Corrin in Classic Mode, you’ll need to start with Kirby’s adventure, and you’ll have to play through this adventure five times until you come across Corrin.

Complete Kirby’s runthrough until you unlock the Ness challenger fight at the end. Beat Ness, and you’ll add him to your playable roster. Once you have Ness, you’ll need to repeat the process with him or Kirby until you come across Jigglypuff. Again, beat Jigglypuff so you can unlock it for your roster.

Complete Classic Mode with any of the above trio – or any other character you unlock during this run i.e. Pac-Man and Zelda – until you finally face off against Corrin. Take them out in combat at the end of Classic Mode, and you’ll unlock Corrin.

How to Unlock Corrin in Smash Ultimate World of Light Mode

You’ll need to have beaten the Dark God Galeem, and have access to the Dark Realm, to unlock Corrin in World of Light Mode. In this area, you’ll have to head up the North path from the starting position in the middle of the map. Work your way through the winding paths on this route until you come across what looks like a circuit board with four paths. Head down the path that’s furthest to the right, which transports you to a new area.

Follow the path that eventually takes you to a destroyed construction site. You’ll have to answer a question about Zelda bosses correctly to access this region. Follow the light path up and follow the route that continues heading North – not one of the two that branch off to the left – and defeat the Raymond Bryce spirit. Take the immediate path to the right, defeat the two other spirits in the way, and you’ll come across Corrin. Beat them to unlock them.