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Destiny 2 Update Today December 18 Patch Notes (Destiny 2 1.31 Update)

Want to know what’s in the Destiny 2 update today December 18? There isn’t actually a whole lot to get through but the Destiny 2 2.1.3 update/Destiny 2 1.31 update patch notes still reveal some interesting tidbits that could shape the game’s future. There’s rewards for those under 600 Power Level yet again, a couple of Scourge of the Past fixes, and plenty more to get your teeth stuck into before hopping back on and gunning down baddies with your Guardian.

Destiny 2 1.31 Update – Economy Rebalance

Are you under 600 Power Level yet you’re at level 50 and in need of a much-welcomed boost? Bungie has your back. Prime Engrams were introduced with more regularity last week, and now we’ve got better gear for those 599ers (and below) after completing Director Challenges. Bungie has certainly made the right noises when it comes to inreasing the Light cap and moving the game along with it.

Destiny 2 1.31 Update – Scourge of the Past

The December 18 Destiny 2 update also brings about a couple of changes to the Scourge of the Past. The raid, which launched last week, could occasionally glitch and you were left being unable to defeat the final boss. That’s all fixed now, as in the emblem bug that saw those hardy players who completed the Raid within the first day not being handed out their (well-earned) emblems and triumphs.

Destiny 2 1.31 Update – Other Fixes

Like I said, not much to write home about this week. Some will be pleased to know that Heavy Ammo should now spawn properly in the Convergence mode. On a slightly lighter note, Pyramidion boss Brakion can now actually, y’know, shoot at Guardians instead of standing still like a wally. Elsewhere, all SUROS machine guns, including the Avalanche, have had an impromptu buff of sorts. Bungie has toned down the recoil, which was more “than intended.”

Destiny 2 1.31 Update Patch Notes

For the full Destiny 2 Bungie’s Updates page1.31/December 18 update patch notes, has it all in painstaking detail. All the juicy stuff is above, though, unless you’re enamored with the idea of dismantling shaders a tad quicker and the like.