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Battlefield 5 Hold the Fort Mission Bug Fix

Battlefield 5 players are trying to enjoy the game’s first post-launch Tides of War expansion, but some are getting frustrated with a specific glitch. The Battlefield 5 Hold the Fort mission bug is preventing some from earning a reward from the DLC. Is there a Battlefield 5 Hold the Fort mission bug fix?

What is the Battlefield 5 Hold the Fort Mission Bug?

Part of the Hold the Fort mission in “The Last Tiger” story campaign of Battlefield 5 requires players to kill at least one enemy with a stationary weapon. Once this has been achieved, players are supposed to be rewarded with a new gun to enjoy, but Battlefield 5 appears to not track this properly. The bugged in-game mission doesn’t register that players have completed this optional side quest and, as a result, it doesn’t unlock their new weapon.

Gamers have subsequently taken to the game’s Reddit page and the official Battlefield 5 forums to express their dismay at EA DICE over this issue. Have their pleas been heard, and is there a way to solve the issue or not?

How to Fix the Battlefield 5 Hold the Fort Mission Bug

EA DICE have claimed that a fix has been implemented on the server side of the game. They announced this via a known issues list thread on Reddit, and added a disclaimer saying that if players are still coming across the problem, to get in touch with them as soon as possible. You can do so via their support forums here.

Meanwhile, another solution that players have found is to try and unlock the achievement in the first server you’re dropped into. The best way to do this is to restart your console or PC, load Battlefield 5, and load up Tides of War. Select the Hold the Fort mission and, once you’re in a game, try to unlock this achievement as soon as possible. This should give you the in-game reward when you complete it.