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What is the Red Dead Online Festive Holiday Update?

A Red Dead Online festive holiday update has seemingly found its way to the Wild West. Players are reporting that festivities have begun in the online multiplayer mode of Red Dead Redemption 2. So, what is the Red Dead Online festive holiday update, and what can players expect to see when they log in?

What is the Red Dead Online Festive Holiday Update?

It’s not a massive patch per se, but Rockstar Games has made an alteration to Red Dead Online’s world to coincide with the holiday season. Players have reported on social media that NPC piano players tickling the ivories, located in various saloons and pubs across the map, now play festive music to get players into the Christmas spirit.

Festive holiday songs and carols such as Deck the Halls, Silent Night, and Good King Wenceslas, have all been heard by players who are frequenting their favorite watering holes. They give the atmosphere a distinct 19th century vibe which, given the period setting for Red Dead Redemption 2, is a fitting occasion.

What Else Can We Expect From the Red Dead Online Festive Holiday Update?

Rockstar, who rolled out the latest update for Red Dead Online on December 14, are giving players 15 free gold bars as a thank you for their participation in the beta. The rollout for this reward starts today (Thursday, December 20) and will be available to players until December 24.

People who want to claim this in-game gift will need to log in to the beta between those dates to qualify for the reward. Players who receive the gift will only need to accept it when prompted to do so on the title screen.

There may be other treats in store for Red Dead Online players, but Rockstar has kept quiet on that front so far. Keep checking back in to Red Dead Online to see if there’s a chance of snowfall or any special game modes that have a festive feel to them.