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Just Cause 4 – How to Get Weaponized Wingsuit

When used in conjunction with the grappling hook and parachute, the wingsuit in Just Cause 4 allows for freedom to glide to almost anywhere. However, it doesn’t have weapons which is where the weaponized wingsuit comes into play. The Just Cause 4 Weaponized Wingsuit does exist but it does come with some caveats. So how do you get the Just Cause 4 Weaponized Wingsuit? What does it do?

Just Cause 4 – How to Get Weaponized Wingsuit

The Just Cause 4 Weaponized Wingsuit sadly can’t currently be gotten by traditional means and if you’re reading this, you’ll have to buy it for a hefty price. The Weaponized Wingsuit can only now be gotten if you bought the Just Cause 4 Deluxe Edition or if you buy the Digital Deluxe Content add-on for $11.99.

The Digital Deluxe Content add-on comes with the Black Hand Stealth Microfighter Jet as well as the the Black Hand Prototype “Skystriker” Weaponized Wingsuit. If you want to spend $11.99 for the stealth camo jet and Weaponized Wingsuit, then Square Enix lets you.

However, if you want to somehow earn the Weaponized Wingsuit in the game, you can’t. There is currently no way (or known way, at least) to find the Weaponized Wingsuit. However, there are a ton of weird Easter eggs in the game so there is a slight possibility that it is hidden somewhere or unlockable in some other way. But given how it costs money, it wouldn’t be wise to bet on it.

The Just Cause 4 Expansion Pass also does not include the Weaponized Wingsuit nor any of the other cosmetic packs.

Just Cause 4 – What Does the Weaponized Wingsuit Do?

Admittedly, if you want to plunk down the cash, the Just Cause 4 Weaponized Wingsuit can do some pretty spectacular things. Similar to its predecessor in Just Cause 3, it can propel you forward using boost and shoot a few rockets. Both are on cooldowns, meaning you can’t fly or shoot endlessly. Although it does make traversal a bit easier.