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How to Heal in Below – Items and Crafting

Below is a difficult game that does its best to try and kill you. A lot. You’ll want to know how to heal in Below and extend your life for just that bit longer. How do you do this in a game that wants you dead? Here’s how to heal in Below.

How to Heal in Below

Like almost any other game in existence, Below features a health bar that can be drained by enemies if they land a blow on you. Your character will bleed if they take enough damage, and this will lead to your death if a fatal blow is landed. With Below being such a tough game to play, you’ll want to keep your adventurers alive as long as possible to progress as far into the depths as you can. So are there any items you can use to help you heal your wounds and carry on?

As luck would have it, there are. Below has two types of bandages that you can craft to stop bleeding and losing health. The first is just a normal bandage, which covers your wounds but doesn’t actually give you any health back. The second, called a bandage plus, which patches you up and replenishes health. Both of these healing items require other items to be crafted.

Both bandages can be crafted with blood moss and sludge, while the bandage plus requires leather instead of string needed to make a normal bandage. Sludge is dropped by slime enemies, and appears randomly throughout Below’s levels. Leather can be harvested from animal skins, while string and blood moss can be found on the ground.

Healing in Below – How Else Can I Heal?

You can cauterize your wounds with your sword at campfires if you find one. This will stop you from bleeding but, like normal bandages, it won’t give you health back.

You can also regain health by eating. You can hunt a variety of animals, such as bats, foxes, and snakes, and harvest and cook their meat to consume when you need to. If your hunger meter is full, you should regain health automatically too, so make sure your adventurer doesn’t go hungry for too long or you’ll lose this vital health feature.