Box art - Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Smash Ultimate Lucas – How to Unlock Lucas

Super Smash Bros Ultimate boasts the biggest roster in Smash Bros history, comprising every character from every game in the series and a load of new additions. Most of them you have to unlock, however. A possibly highly sought-after character is Lucas, star of the beloved (but still never officially released in English) Mother 3, the sequel to the classic RPG Earthbound. But how do you unlock Smash Ultimate Lucas? We’re here to show you.

Who is Lucas?

Lucas is the primary star of Mother 3, the Game Boy Advance-based sequel to Earthbound. Lucas is the equivalent of Ness in the game, and as such plays very similar to him in Smash Bros. Despite many fan requests, and a lot of rumors Mother 3 has never been officially translated into English (although there is an excellent fan translation out there). As such, the Super Smash Bros series is the only appearance of Lucas for Western audiences. He last appeared in Super Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS as a DLC character, although was in Brawl as a regular character.

How to Unlock Smash Ultimate Lucas

Just like all Smash Ultimate characters, Lucas can be unlocked in three different ways, with varying difficulty. The easiest way is to play Classic Mode. You can do this on any difficulty, and all you need to do is play through as either Corrin or Ken to get Lucas as a Challenger at the end. Defeat him to add him to your roster. Alternatively, play through Versus mode, particularly as Corrin, and you’ll eventually unlock him that way.

Finally, the toughest way to unlock Lucas is to play through the World of Light single-player campaign. He can be found on the earlier World of Light side, in Northwestern town. Beat him once again to unlock him. Bear in mind that the only way to unlock Lucas for use in the World of Light campaign is by beating him here, whereas the other methods all just unlock him for play elsewhere.