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What is the Red Dead Online Blackwater Dock Glitch?

Red Dead Online players are becoming all too aware of hacks to give them the advantage in this mode. A Red Dead Online Blackwater dock glitch is helping some players to cheat, and it’s annoying those who want to play fairly. So, what exactly is the Red Dead Online Blackwater dock glitch?

What is the Red Dead Online Blackwater Dock Glitch?

Players have worked out how to kill others without being able to be shot at themselves. They’re doing this at the pier in the town of Blackwater, and they’re using it to effectively be invincible.

The way that the glitch works is players find the ramp that leads into the water, jump off it, and swim back towards the pier area of the dock. Before they reach the pier, however, players are taking a left ahead of the last wooden panel – before the pier – and swimming through a small gap in the dock.

Entering first person mode seems to help complete this action. If you then continue swimming until you reach a tiny piece of land underneath the dock – effectively where land meets water – you can camp underneath the walkway. Your head pokes out from it, and you’re able to fire your weapons from a crouched position.

Is the Red Dead Online Blackwater Dock Glitch Cheating?

It’s a form of cheating. Those who have the glitch down to a tee are pretty much able to shoot and kill whoever they want, but can’t be hit by others. It makes online griefers have an effective way to keep killing you, and it’s a source of frustration for players who simply want to enjoy Red Dead Online.

Is There a Red Dead Online Blackwater Dock Glitch Fix?

Nope. Some players have wondered if they can kill the griefers or cheats with dynamite, but this is yet to be tested by many in the game. The best thing you can do is report the issue via this Rockstar feedback form. The development team will take a look at the glitch when the holiday season is over, providing they get enough feedback on it. This could lead to a fix that prevents players using this glitch in the future.