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Battlefield 5 PC Bright Light Error Fix

Battlefield 5’s problems run deep for developer EA DICE, and players are still unhappy that fixes haven’t been found for certain issues. A Battlefield 5 PC bright light error is causing frustration among those playing with mouse and keyboard currently. So, is there a Battlefield 5 PC bright light error fix to solve this issue?

What is the Battlefield 5 PC Bright Light Error?

It’s got nothing to do with the film “Gremlins,” but those playing on PC may feel that there are some gremlins making a mockery of the lighting in Battlefield 5. Some players have complained to EA DICE that the lighting is too bright whilst they play, and it’s leading to issues ranging from not being able to see enemies clearly to even causing physical headaches for some.

EA DICE have been made aware of the issue, judging by this known issues list featured on the Battlefield 5 subreddit, but have they come up with a solution to this unique PC problem yet?

Is There a Battlefield 5 PC Bright Light Error Fix?

EA DICE have offered a solution to this error, yes. The developer has explained that players can turn of the high dynamic range (HDR) feature in their video options to reduce how bright light is depicted in Battlefield 5.

To do this, head to the “video settings” tab in the game and simply toggle the HDR option to “off.” After that, exit Battlefield 5. Relaunch the game from the program you use to run it, and you should see a marked improvement throughout your next gaming session.

If not, you can head to the Battlefield 5 forums, lodge a ticket of complaint with the support team, and see if another solution is offered up. You may have trouble getting an immediate response over the holiday season, but hopefully you’ll get another fix before or right after the New Year.