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Smash Ultimate Clock Puzzle – How to Solve

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is out now, and it’s full of exciting characters to unlock and lots to do, even in single-player. The World of Light campaign offers a lot of gameplay challenges, but it’s also got a few devious puzzles in there too, which you’ll need to complete to progress. We’ve already covered the first Stone Owl puzzle in the Lost Woods, now let’s have a look at the Smash Ultimate Clock puzzle. What’s the solution to this tricky puzzle? We’ve got the answers below.

What is the Smash Ultimate Clock puzzle?

The Smash Ultimate Clock puzzle can be found in the World of Light campaign, specifically in the Sacred Land in the World of Dark side. It’s the area inspired by The Legend of Zelda, including the owl statues everywhere with cryptic comments. There’s a circular town on the southwestern side of the map, and a little ways to the north of this town is a stone owl who simply says “12:10” and nothing else. Clearly there is a clock puzzle here, but how do you solve it?

Smash Ultimate Clock puzzle Solution

Smash Ultimate Clock Puzzle Solution

If you’ve ever used or seen an analog clock, you’ll realize that the circle-shaped town looks a bit like a clock face. As such, in order to get the time 12:10 you’ll have to mark on the map the 12 spot and the 10 spot. You may have noticed that there are blue and red torches all around the inner and outer edges of the circular town. These correspond exactly with the numbers on a clock face.

To solve the clock puzzle, you have to light two of these torches to indicate the time “12:10.” The most important thing to remember is that on an analog clock, the hour hand is the shorter. So light the red torch on the inner ring (the one just above the owl) and the third blue torch along, just next to the path you probably entered the area from. See the picture above if you’re not sure. Congratulations, you can now proceed.