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Smash Ultimate Lost Woods – How to Unlock Chrom

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is out now and it boasts the largest fighting roster in the entire series, including every fighter from all previous Smash Bros. games and a load of new ones to boot. While there is only a small, select group of fighters consisting of the original eight characters, all the rest can be unlocked in various ways. However, not all of them are easy to unlock. The Echo fighter Chrom can be particularly hard, especially as you have to venture into the Smash Ultimate Lost Woods to get him.

The Lost Woods is a creepy, maze-like area of the Smash Bros Ultimate World of Light, the single-player campaign in the game. It can be tricky to get through on its own, without having to look for a secret fighter in the misty mire. So how do you unlock Chrom in the Lost Woods? How do you unlock him elsewhere? We’re here with the answers.

How to Navigate the Smash Ultimate Lost Woods

The Lost Woods is in the World of Dark part of the World of Light campaign, and can be one of the hardest parts in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate just because it’s a maze, with hidden paths and surprise exits. The easiest way to get through is to pay attention to the owl statues, since they’ll give you clues on how to get out. The first statue says to go east, south, continue south, and then look for an invisible path. At the crossroads go down and you’ll duck below the canopy on that hidden path.

The next owl statue is immediately after the hidden path, and it tells you to go north, west, north, up the path, and then to “dive in with courage.” Follow the instructions until you’re at a lake in the center of the Lost Woods. Here’s where the cryptic part of the owl’s message comes in, as you literally have to dive in the lake. You’ll emerge from a smaller puddle to the north of the Lost Woods, where you’ll be able to remove a tree stump that previously blocked your access to the end of Lost Woods and unlocking Young Link.

How to Find the Secret Fighter Chrom in Smash Ultimate Lost Woods

Smash Ultimate Lost Woods

But what about Chrom? Did you notice a secret character when you were at the northern side of the Lost Woods, with no apparent way to get to them? Well, here’s how to do it. When you were at the big lake you had to dive in before, you may have noticed a chest just to the north of the lake. Head to that chest, and press “A” on it to use it. Your character will actually jump in the chest, revealing it as a secret pathway. You’ll emerge right next to the secret fighter, Chrom.

How to Unlock Chrom

Once you’ve found the hidden fighter in the World of Dark’s Lost Woods, challenge Chrom and beat him in a battle. This will unlock him for use in the whole game, and is the only way to unlock him as a playable character in the World of Light single-player campaign. However, if you’re just looking to unlock Chrom for play elsewhere, such as VS matches, there are a couple of easier ways to get him.

The first and easiest way is to play through the game’s Classic Mode, which you can do on any difficulty. Once you’ve played as Ridley and Yoshi you should get Chrom to face, although of course you’ll have to unlock Ridley first. The other way is to play Versus matches. Once you’ve played Roy, you should eventually get Chrom to face.

Who is Chrom?

Chrom is one of the protagonists of Fire Emblem Awakening. He’s a distant descendant of Marth, and the father of Lucina. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is Chrom’s first playable appearance in a Smash Bros. game, although he did appear as a background character in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/3DS, and was considered for inclusion but removed in favor of Robin. He’s ranked as a B-Tier character in Ultimate, which means he’s a solid fighter but has a few flaws holding him back from the best of the best.