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What is the Battlefield 5 Decoy Ladder Exploit?

Battlefield 5 continues to be mired by a variety of problems, despite numerous patches and updates from its developer. It isn’t just bugs that players are finding, with exploits starting to be discovered too, such as the Battlefield 5 decoy ladder exploit. What exactly is the Battlefield 5 decoy ladder exploit then, and why are players using it to their advantage?

What is the Battlefield 5 Decoy Ladder Exploit?

The Battlefield 5 decoy ladder exploit was first brought to peoples’ attentions via this Youtube video uploaded by IND Gamers. In the video, players are seen using one of the object loadouts in the scout class, the sniper decoy, to make an unending ladder that stretches up into the air.

The way that this works is one player deploys a decoy on the ground. Once that’s been done, another player can jump on top of the decoy, edge out until they’re about to fall off, and add another decoy on top of the first. This second one juts out a bit, however, and acts as a normal step would on any other ladder.

There doesn’t seem to be a limit on how many decoys can be placed on top of one another either, so players can make huge Battlefield 5 decoy ladder exploit objects if they want.

Is the Battlefield 5 Decoy Ladder an Exploit?

It could be used as a form of cheating, in a way. Much like in Epic Games’ Fortnite, building a decoy ladder could give you a significant advantage on the battlefield. Why? Well you’d be able to spot your enemies a mile off, and get a higher vantage position from which to shoot them.

Of course, this is all dependent on if you could actually have the time to make a ladder. Battlefield 5 matches are so quick and action packed that it’d be almost impossible to build one. It might be best to just use normal ladders to get about instead.