Bandersnatch All Endings Explained

This Bandersnatch all endings guide will unravel the mysteries imbued in all five endings of Black Mirror’s ambitious interactive television show. Available to watch on NetflixBandersnatch is a live-action choose-your-own-adventure program about a game designer named Stefan in 1984. Bandersnatch shares its title with the mysterious monster from Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass, as well as a fictional book in the show itself. However, Bandersnatch also shares its name with a real life game, which entered development in 1984 but was never actually completed. As a result, it seems that Black Mirror director Charlie Brooker drew both from Carroll and real life events in order to make Bandersnatch. Here’s an explanation of all five Bandersnatch endings.

Bandersnatch All Endings Explained

There are five endings available in Bandersnatch, which are all explained below.

Bandersnatch All Endings Explained – Tell Stefan About Netflix

This Bandersnatch ending requires you to let Stefan know that you’re in charge of his actions. While the details of exactly what happens here may vary slightly depending on more minor choices earlier in the episode, the main thing you need to do in order to get this ending is to intervene when Stefan begins to shout at the ceiling.

From here, you’ll notice that you’ll be able to show Stefan the word “Netflix” by displaying it onscreen. From here, you’ll be able to talk to Stefan about Netflix, which he cannot comprehend. He visits his counselor, after which you’ll be presented with another choice. When asked if you want to increase the action, you can select either “yes” or “fuck yes.” Choose the latter and proceed to fight the counselor. This ending concludes with Stefan breaking down and being dragged out of the room by his father, shouting at all of the other patients in the office about their delusion.

Additionally, ou can get the ending in which Stefan is revealed to be a movie star if you choose to jump out the window instead of fighting the counselor, which is just as meta.

Bandersnatch All Endings Explained – Stefan Dies

In order to get the ending in which Stefan dies, you’ll have to continue watching the film instead of choosing the “end credits” option. If you talked about your mother and made sure that Colin committed suicide during your playthrough, you’ll eventually be able to return to the safe.You can input “TOY” as the code here, which allows Stefan to become five years old again. Stefan will be asked by his dying mother if he’s ready to die. If you select yes, you’ll join her on the train that kills her. While this sets the Stefan Dies ending in motion, Stefan won’t die just yet. The film will return to the opening scene in which Stefan is sitting with his counselor and the player will see that Stefan has since died in his chair. The counselor and Stefan’s father are crying and the end credits will immediately roll.

Bandersnatch All Endings Explained – Stefan Goes to Prison

Similarly to the ending in which Stefan finds out that he’s in a Netflix production, this ending is triggered during the scene in which he shouts at the ceiling. Instead of displaying Netflix, though, you’ll have to show Stefan a symbol or the words “Program and Control.” It is revealed that Stefan’s entire life was part of some government conspiracy, driving him insane. His father will come into the room to see what’s going on; if you chose Program and Control, Stefan will kill his father on the spot.If you chose to show Stefan the symbol, though, you’ll have a choice about whether or not you want to kill Stefan’s dad. Killing him and subsequently deciding to bury him will conclude the actions necessary for getting the ending in which Stefan is sent to prison. You can also kill Tucker, the CEO of the game’s backing company, if you answer his call and tell him that the game won’t be finished. He arrives at the house, sees your father’s body, and Stefan kills him before he can report anything. Stefan is charged with double murder instead of just the murder of his father if the player makes these choices.

Bandersnatch All Endings Explained – Stefan is an Actor

To get this ending, do everything that you’d do in order to get the ending in which Stefan finds out that he’s in a Netflix production until the moment when you’re given the choice to confront your counselor. Instead of fighting them, choose to jump out the window. A director will shout “cut!” and it will become clear that Stefan is just an actor on the Bandersnatch set.

Bandersnatch All Endings Explained – Stefan Makes Bandersnatch

To get this ending, type PAX into Stefan’s father’s safe instead of PAC. Here, the player will face the same dilemma as the one from the prison ending. However, in this case Stefan will actively beg the player to stop controlling him, stating that he doesn’t want to kill his dad. In full control of Stefan now, make him kill his father against his will. This time, however, you’ll need to choose to cut him up instead of burying him. You can then dial your counselor to report what has happened.Stefan gets away with murder for a while and launches Bandersnatch to critical acclaim. However, he is eventually convicted of murder and ends up in prison, just like the prison ending. Bandersnatch is discontinued, but then the setting changes to the present. Playing as a woman (it seems that this woman is actually Colin’s daughter) the player begins to work on Black Mirror: Bandersnatch and has the option to pour tea on a computer or destroy it violently. Neither ending makes much of a difference, but this meta ending puts the player in the position of the film’s creator.

Bandersnatch All Endings Explained – All Endings and Choices

Although this guide covers all the major endings in Bandersnatch, one Reddit post by u/alpine has taken it upon itself to map out all of the individual choices in Bandersnatch. While this guide can guide you to the major endings, using the chart on Reddit can possibly give you the opportunity to play around with the more minor alterations in Bandersnatch’s narrative.

This chart is actually pretty indicative of what the episode seems to be trying to achieve in that it exposes the artifice upon which the episode is built. Also, it’s shared online, which connects everyone who is playing the artificial film/game and allows them to gain ultimate control over Stefan. What I mean is, this chart is basically in itself a particularly Black Mirror-esque thing, meaning that the already-meta Bandersnatch becomes even more emphatically meta. Scary, really, but also seriously intriguing. Play Bandersnatch for yourself with or without all of the above information and see which ending you end up with. If you’re not terrified by the end of it, you’re pretty much a warrior.

In order to get the true final credits of Bandersnatch, you’ll need to get all five of the above endings. So kick back, relax (if it’s possible to do that while watching Black Mirror) and make sure that everything that can happen to Stefan happens to Stefan. Enjoy Bandersnatch!