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Destiny 2 City of Secrets – Get the Malfeasance Hand Cannon

Destiny 2 has a ridiculous amount of guns and weapons, and the best ones can be really hard to get hold of. The Malfeasance Hand Cannon is one such weapon. You’ll have to do a lot of grinding and complete a number of missions to get it, including the annoying Destiny 2 City of Secrets quest step in the Dreaming City.

Why is the Malfeasance Hand Cannon so worth it? What are all the steps you’ll need to complete it? Why is the Destiny 2 City of Secrets part of the mission such a pain? We’ve got all the answers, so prepare to do a lot of killing before you get your shiny new hand cannon from Drifter. Let’s take a look…

What is the Destiny 2 Malfeasance Hand Cannon?

Destiny 2 Malfeasance

Malfeasance is an Exotic Hand Cannon introduced in the Destiny 2 Forsaken expansion pack, alongside the Dreaming City, which is where you get it. It has a number of excellent perks. These include “Taken Predator,” which does extra damage to Taken enemies and Gambit invaders, extended magazines, and increased stability perks. Best of all is the amazing-sounding “Explosive Shadow,” which allows it to shoot tainted slugs that burrow into an enemy’s skin, and stacking enough of them causes all the slugs to explode. Lovely.

Gambit Mode and the Ascendant Primeval Servitor

While “The Seething Heart” is the first part of the quest to get the Malfeasance Hand Cannon, you’ll probably have to grind the new Gambit mode a lot before you even start it. You need to find and kill a specific Primeval boss in order to progress, a rare enemy called the Ascendant Primeval Servitor. It’s not one of the usual Gambit bosses, and it spawns randomly. Not only do you have to keep playing and wait for it to spawn, your team has to be the ones to take it down first, or you won’t get the reward you need to start the quest. Make sure to shoot the Taken orbs it spawns in order to start damaging it again.

Once your team has killed it you’ll get the Seething Heart exotic item, which you’ll need to take to Drifter, who’s hiding in the Tower at the Traveler, specifically the Bazaar in the Lost City (the north-west part). He’ll point you to the next part of the quest at the Dreaming City, and you’ll start the Destiny 2 City of Secrets part of the quest.

Destiny 2 City of Secrets Quest Step

Destiny 2 City of Secrets 2

“The City of Secrets” quest is simple, but not really specific: “search for clues about the thief in the Dreaming City.” Obviously you’ll first need to head to the Dreaming City, but what do you do once you get there? It’s not like Destiny 2 is an RPG or anything. Instead, your goal is to kill as many Taken bosses or mini-bosses in the Dreaming City that you can. That’s more like it.

A good place to do this is the Blind Well, especially on Tier 3 or Heroic Blind Well events, although make sure you’re facing Taken as enemies, as they’re sometimes swapped out. Additionally, the “Enemies Moving Against Each Other” public event, which takes place in front of the Blind Well, spawns a lot of these bosses and minibosses, so it’s another excellent way to complete the City of Secrets quest step.

Destiny 2 The Corrupted and Business as Usual Quest Step

“The Corrupted” is the next part of the quest line, and Drifter wants you to find the thief that stole from him. This quest step takes place once again in The Dreaming City, to the north of Rheasilvia. Sounds easy, except the specifics of the mission is to complete the mission variant of The Corrupted Strike. This is extremely difficult, and you’ll need to be a high Light level, around about RP 580 at least. Fortunately, you can do this as part of a group of up to six players, so that might be a good idea.

Once that’s done, take the Depleted Weapon Core to Drifter and he’ll give you the “Business as Usual” quest step, which tasks you with winning Gambit matches and collecting and depositing Motes. You’ll need about 500 Motes in all, and that’s not easy to do, seeing as if you drop any Motes you’ll have your count subtracted by 2x the amount. Ouch. Make sure you bank Motes as often as possible, as you really don’t want to die and lose everything, otherwise this quest will take forever. Watch out for invading players in particular.

Destiny 2 Lights Out Quest Step and Get the Malfeasance Gun

It’s back to Gambit mode for the final part of the quest line, “Lights Out.” Weirdly, one of the potential requirements is relying on an ally invader, who will have to defeat four opposing Guardians in a single invasion three times. Alternatively, you can do it yourself, defeating four opposing Guardians as an invader. After this, again as an invader, you have to defeat 25 enemy Guardians in Gambit mode. You can do any of these parts at whatever point you wish, but obviously the second part is easiest. Defeating that many Guardians in a single invasion? That’s not an easy task. At least the ally one has the potential for a super-good player to come in and sweep the board.

Once this is all done, you can return to the Drifter in the Traveler and collect the Malfeasance Hand Cannon. Was it all worth it? That’s for you to decide. We hope so, certainly…