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Atlas v10.0 update patch notes – What’s been changed?

It’s time to calm the sweeping seas. That’s because the Atlas v10.0 update is now live and there’s a whole bunch of booty to plunder through. Among the treasure trove of main changes included in the Atlas v10.0 update patch notes includes a new ship for you to get your hooks into, a Neutral Zone feature that promises to increase the community factor of the game, and even a very stinky, smelly change that I shan’t go into here…

Atlas v10.0 update – Leveling changes

One of the major issues stemming from Atlas‘s recent chop-and-change updates was that skill points were increasingly more difficult to come by if you were playing solo or with small groups. While we’ll need to get hands-on with the game, as the update is due to go live at 12:00 PM ET/5 PM GMT, the early signs are promising.

There is now 50 more skill levels for you to work your way towards and, on top of that, you now get more skill points per level. That all adds up to being able to spec your character into the skills you want them to learn a lot sooner than you were able to previously.

Atlas v10.0 update – Neutral Zones

Claim Flags are opportunities to call shotgun on most pieces of land and small islands that you come across in Atlas. Previously you’d own the space and that’d be that. Now, though, there’s a chance for you to build up your own mini-colony with the introduction of Neutral Zones.

Going live on Wednesday, January 9, the Neutral Zone system will allow those in charge of land to set parameters over who can and cannot build within their territory, as well as charging tax. It’ll be an interesting change, that’s for sure.

Atlas v10.0 update – Ramshackle Sloop

Need something to get you across the open seas a little quicker? Say hello to the Ramshackle Sloop. What it lacks in health, carry weight, and crew limit, it more than makes up for in being a fair bit cheaper and faster than its rivals.

Atlas v10.0 update – Animal updates

Not only do sea monsters now do two-thirds less damage than before, a bunch of other nasties have been scaled back somewhat. Seagulls, for example, de-aggro far more quickly than before, as do crows. Alongside that, crocodiles have had their swimming speed cut and bees are no easier to hit. Win-win. Now, just focus on the humans.

Atlas v10.0 update – Literally eating shit is bad for you now

“Eating poop is now instant-death.” I’m not making this up.

Atlas v10.0 update patch notes

For the full changelong, head on over to the Atlas game’s forums.v10.0 patch notes page on the