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Destiny 2 In Pursuit of Honor – How to complete

It’s safe to say that there’s a lot to do in Destiny 2, from getting cool weapons to undertaking the best quests and challenges. Some of those challenges, however, can be a real headache. The Destiny 2 In Pursuit of Honor Glory Triumph is one such challenge. But why is it so painful for players to do? Why do you need to do it? And are there any tips to complete it? We’ll do our best to help you out.

What is Destiny 2 In Pursuit of Honor?

Destiny 2 In Pursuit of Honor is a Glory Triumph which takes place in the Crucible. Completing it is required for “The Ascent” quest, specifically the second part of it called “The Third Wave.” The reward for this is getting the MountainTop grenade launcher. There are three parts towards completing the Triumph, which has to be done in the Crucible. It requires you to use Grenade Launchers to land final blows 750 times, rapidly defeat groups of two or more opponents 200 times, and earn “Calculated Trajectory” medals 100 times. These medals require you to, in a single life, defeat three opponents with final blows from a Grenade Launcher.

How to Complete the Destiny 2 In Pursuit of Honor Triumph

If you can’t tell, this is extremely difficult. Landing final blows with a Grenade Launcher is relatively easy, but doing it three times with a single life is tough. Just having ammo on hand for a Grenade Launcher is hard enough as it uses the Power Weapon slot, unless you’re lucky enough to have the Fighting Lion which can use Energy Ammo.

The double kills part is hardest, as the Grenade Launcher is often too slow to kill multiple opponents rapidly. Other than the Fighting Lion, Heavy Grenade Launchers generally work well at taking out groups, but again, you’ll have to worry about ammo all the time. Militia’s Birthright is another good weapon to get, especially with proximity or even spike grenades. No matter what though, it’ll probably come down to luck. Sorry about that…