Box art - Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Forge Emblem – Volundr Forge Glyph Puzzle

Destiny 2 has a lot of secrets, and fans will be busy unpacking them well into the release of Destiny 3. One of the most recent secrets is the mystery of the Black Armory emblems. The Destiny 2 Forge Emblem in particular is causing a lot of headaches for players, so it’s fitting that it’s located in a similar location to the Mysterious Box which still can’t be opened. But what is this Forge Emblem, and how do you solve the glyph puzzle to get it? We’ve got the answers.

What is the Destiny 2 Forge Emblem?

The Forge Emblem is part of a number of Black Armory emblems. This one in particular is located in the Volundr Forge, and is also known as the Legendary Rasmussen’s Gift Emblem. In order to get the Forge Emblem, players have to solve a puzzle located in the Volundr Forge, but there is no obvious solution in Destiny 2 itself. Fortunately we have the answer…

How to Solve the Volundr Forge Glyph Puzzle

In order to complete this puzzle you’ll need to have ignited Volundr Forge and completed the first quest in the area to get the Hammerhead machine gun. Equip this gun, then head to Smildur’s Cavern, near the Volundr Forge itself. If you look through the sights of the Hammerhead gun, you may spot several blue glowing symbols scattered around the cavern. In order to complete the puzzle, you’ll need to shoot these symbols in a particular order.

First, shoot the flame symbol, which will allow you to see the sun and moon symbols on the ground. You’ll need to stand on these two to shoot the remaining symbols. First stand on the sun, and you’ll see letters and symbols around the cave. Shoot them in this order: “+ULFBERHT+” (ignore the quotation marks). Then, move to the moon symbol, and shoot this order: “+ULFBERH+T”. Yes, it’s the same except the last two characters are reversed.

After this, look to your right and you’ll see a storm symbol, which you should shoot next. This will get you the Rasmussen’s Gift Emblem. Now, for the rest of them…