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Atlas level decrease bug – Can I go back to my old skill level?

Want to know your level has gone down in Atlas? Yeah, about that one. For once, the Atlas level decrease bug can’t squarely be pinned on developers Studio Wildcard, as the reason for going down in level is tied more to a new game mechanic rather than something going terrible wrong. It just hasn’t been explained all that well, especially for those wanting to return to their original skill level.

What is the Atlas level decrease bug?

Technically speaking, the Atlas level decrease bug actually isn’t a bug. As per the recent v10 update patch notes, there has been a major change in the Atlas level system, with “50 more player levels added, and Skill Points per level increased.”

So, if you’ve recently logged into the game and have noticed that you’ve gone from a level 37 player down to level 34, or generally have taken a tumble in your skill level, then you’ll be pleased to know that this disappointment will be offset by the fact that you now have a bunch more skill points to play around with.

Not only does that mean you can respec in any way you wish, but also that you’ll be able to get deeper into the separate skill trees and have fingers in as many pies as possible. It’s not ideal, sure, but you’ll now have a broader Atlas experience because of it. Hopefully the communication between developers and players will be a little better next time.

Can I return to my original Atlas level?

Don’t hold your breath. While forums have been clogged up with people complaining about the change(s), it’s clear that Atlas is still a game in its infancy and, as such, it’ll be tinkering with many things, including the threshold for player levels and leveling up. The developers, at this point in time, have clearly pinpointed how skill points are doled out as an area of improvement and the level decrease is a symptom of this shift.

If it makes you feel any better, everyone has been affected, so you’re all (wait for it) in the same boat.