Box art - Fallout 76

Fallout 76 next patch – what updates are coming this month?

The last Fallout 76 patch dropped just before Christmas, and it wasn’t very substantial, only offering Korean language support and a hotfix for PC owners so the game wouldn’t crash when players tried to exit it. Bethesda previously promised a number of big updates early in 2019, and now we’re here in January players are waiting to hear on the Fallout 76 next patch. So when is it due? What will it include? Will it be the only Fallout 76 patch this month? We’ve got the answers.

Fallout 76 next patch – When is the next update?

According to the latest Fallout 76 Inside the Vault news post by Bethesda, the next Fallout 76 patch (and the first update of 2019) is due on January 14, this coming Monday. No particular time was mentioned, and we’re presuming it will be for PS4, Xbox One, and PC simultaneously. There will also apparently be another patch due later this month, although there was no specific date for that provided.

What will be in the Fallout 76 January updates?

Bethesda states that both January patches will incorporate fixes for “many issues raised by the community” as well as improving performance and stability. The January 14 patch will focus on updates to correct problems with several different challenges and quests, fixes to a number of Perks and weapons that have been reported, and stopping a number of unspecified exploits. Proper patch notes will accompany it, which we’ll post as soon as we receive them.

The later patch will also fix some further Perk problems that players have been having, that presumably Bethesda didn’t have time to correct to put them in the earlier patch. The team are also making changes to the number of plans Vendors have available, as well as fixing a few Legendary mods. The publisher also promises “more patches, new content, and new additions” to Fallout 76 throughout 2019.