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Fallout 76 Update Notes – PC Hotfix Patch 1.0.3

Fallout 76, even more than most open-world Bethesda games, is full of bugs and glitches, mostly down to the nature of online gaming. There are always things to be tweaked, added, and corrected. There’s a new hotfix out now, patch 1.03.17, and we’ve got the full Fallout 76 update notes. What’s in the new patch? Wasn’t there only supposed to be one patch this month? Is it only on PC? We’ve got the answers.

Fallout 76 Update Notes – Korean language, PC Crashes and Exploits

The previous patch on December 13 added substantial updates to the game on all systems, which included major C.A.M.P Changes, SPECIAL point re-specs, quest fixes and performance updates. While the update schedule for Fallout 76 into 2019 suggests there will be one more major game update this month, this may not be it, as it’s only a hotfix.

For all Korean-speaking players of Fallout 76, Bethesda has finally added Korean language support to the game, which certainly won’t affect everyone but is a nice addition nonetheless. Apart from this, the patch mostly focuses on bug fixes rather than any significant additions to Fallout 76. On PC, a crash that affects players trying to quit to desktop (which we have experienced) has been fixed, as well as no longer allowing out of date clients to connect. There’s a fix for an occasional issue where high-damage and explosive weapons fail to damage enemies, which is good. The patch also fixes an exploit that allows items to be duplicated, although Bethesda doesn’t specify what the exploit was.

Is This Patch Coming to PS4 and Xbox One?

No. This hotfix is mostly focused on PC owners of Fallout 76, particularly the PC-specific bugs and exploits. Bethesda’s own official patch notes make no mention of a PS4 or Xbox One version of the patch. However, Korean language support was added to the console versions of Fallout 76 in a patch on December 18, and we can only assume the duplication exploit bug was fixed too.