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Red Dead Online Gun Rush mode – New battle royale mode explained

The first Red Dead Online beta update of 2019 has gone live. The Red Dead Online January update brings with it a new battle royale mode called Gun Rush. What is the Red Dead Online Gun Rush mode then? Here’s our explanation of the new game type.

Red Dead Online Gun Rush mode – What is Gun Rush?

Red Dead Online Gun Rush mode

Gun Rush is a new game type in Red Dead Online beta that sees players fight it out for the number one spot. What’s different about that? Well, game consist of up to 32 players who must grab weapons and ammo whilst the play area shrinks slowly over the course of a match.

Think of it as a battle royale-lite game mode. You’ll still need to come out on top to really get the best rewards and, with the rapidly decreasing play area, you’ll need to perform under pressure to best your opponents. Gun Rush is available in Free-for-all and Team game types, so try it out.

Red Dead Online Gun Rush mode – How is this different to Make it Count mode?

Make it Count, Red Dead Online’s first bash at a battle royale-esque game mode, limited you to certain weapons. You could only use a bow, arrows, and a knife to kill your opponents. Meanwhile, games consisted of between 16 and 32 players, which meant less than 15 players couldn’t fight it out.

Gun Rush, in contrast, has a plethora of weapons to choose from, and allows you to fight against 31 other players.

Red Dead Online Gun Rush mode – When is the update available?

Red Dead Online Gun Rush mode

Right now. Rockstar took to their social hub to release a statement explaining that the latest update is available to download. Your Xbox One and PS4 consoles should begin downloading the update automatically as soon as you sign in to Xbox Live or your PS Plus account. Once it’s installed, simply load up Red Dead Redemption 2 for it to take effect.