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Atlas v10.8 update patch notes

For once, the Atlas v10.8 update (Atlas 10.79 client), is one of the more straightforward downloads to be pushed on to Studio Wildcard’s pirate-loot-’em-up. That means the Atlas v10.8 update patch notes are short and sweet but include some key changes for those looking to make a few pieces of gold when claiming some land.

Atlas v10.8 update patch notes – Claim Flags

Claim Flags are now live in the game! For the uninitiated, this is for players who are “claiming” territory as their own but, be warned, if you already have a flag down, the settings will be automatically set so players can build anywhere. Go into the menus and change it if you don’t want that to be the case!

Atlas v10.8 update patch notes – Tax changes

Talking of territories, there’s the small matter of tax to contend with when it comes to ruling over your island kingdom. Crops are now taxed on land and, in a crucial change, if you want certain items to be exempt from tax, you’re going to have to manually go to the Tax Bank and drag items over to the “Ignore” folder.

Atlas v10.8 update patch notes – Drake Token price drop

The Drake Token has now been reduced to a “mere” 20,000 Gold Coins, according to the latest patch notes. In case you missed it elsewhere in the tidal wave of updates that have come our way, the Ramshackle Sloop exploding bug has now been fixed too.

Atlas v10.8 update patch notes – Explosives buff

Finally, (I said it was short and sweet, didn’t I?), explosives have been given a buff. Or should that be stone structures have been given a nerf? Either way, explosives now do 25 percent more damage to stone structures than before, so you don’t have to waste a boatload of explosives to get the job done.

You can find the full changelog for v10.8 over on the Atlas forums.