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Days Gone age rating – Suitable for children?

Days Gone is, well, plenty of days away from release. Some information that’s been forthcoming, however, is the Days Gone age rating. Given the title’s content, setting, and more, it’s likely that such a game won’t be suitable for children. To find out if it actually is though, read our Days Gone age rating guide.

Does the Days Gone age rating make it suitable for children?

days gone age rating esrb

Not in any way. According to an article on Twisted Voxel, the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) has confirmed that Days Gone will be allocated a 17+ Mature rating upon its release on April 26.

The ESRB is tasked with rating video games in the United States, and has been doing so since 1994. There hasn’t been any word yet on a Days Gone age rating for the UK, the rest of Europe, Australasia, and other regions yet though. If you’re from anywhere outside of the US, keep an eye out for more information.

Why has the Days Gone age rating been set to mature?

days gone age rating mature 17+

Days Gone isn’t a game that you will want your kids to play. Billed as an action-adventure, survival horror title, Days Gone will see players take up the role of outlaw Deacon St. John as he looks to survive in a world two years after a world pandemic.

Days Gone‘s main enemies are called “freakers” – zombie-esque enemies who can evolve rapidly – so you’ll be expected to gun, melee and fight your way out of trouble. Players will also be tasked with finding various items, ammo, and weapons to keep themselves alive. Given that some of these health items will relate to drug use, and that kids shouldn’t be anywhere near weapons – virtual or otherwise – this isn’t suitable for them.

Other elements of gameplay, such as swearing and sexual themes, aren’t kid-friendly either, so it’s best to keep this title as far away from them as possible.