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Fortnite x Marshmello – What is the Fortnite Marshmello collaboration?

Fortnite is set to branch off into the world of trap and DJ thanks to a Fortnite x Marshmello collaboration. Is Fortnite set to get even more dances? Perhaps some officially licensed Marshmello music will be added to the game? Maybe you’ll be able to unlock a Marshmello skin in Fortnite? Read on to discover what the Fortnite x Marshmello event is.

What is the Fortnite x Marshmello collaboration?

Fortnite x Marshmello

Unfortunately, not too much is known about the collaboration. All we know is that the two powerhouses are set to cross-over in some form or another. We’d love to tell you more, but honestly, that’s all there is to go on at the moment. The collaboration could be anything.

We’d like to think that Marshmello might appear in the game to some extent, at least. Whether that’s some of his music, an officially licensed skin, a new dance emote, or all of the above plus more is up to Epic Games and Marshmello’s representatives. We do, however, have an indication as to when the collaboration will take place.

When does the Fortnite x Marshmello event take place?

Fortnite x Marshmello

Thanks to a Moe Shalizi (Marshmello’s manager) Instagram Q&A (as per FortniteIntel), we know that the Fortnite x Marshmello collaboration is on the way next month. Apparently, it will be “next month” and “have the world shook.” This was Shalizi’s answer to the question “best marketing/branding play you’ve made?”

Based on this Instagram exchange, we can fully expect to discover what the Fortnite x Marshmello collaboration is in February. Hold on to something, folks, as the world is about to get shook. Both parties in this collaboration event are massive worldwide, so whatever is planned is bound to be huge for both Epic Games and Marshmello.

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