Box art - Star Wars Battlefront II

Battlefront 2 Droidekas – Are they coming to the game?

After its initial patchy launch, plenty of us are still playing Star Wars Battlefront 2. EA and Dice has given us plenty of new content over the last couple of years to keep things interesting, but, despite a screenshot or two, there is still no sign of Battlefront 2 Droidekas. Read on to discover if we will ever be able to play as a Droideka in Battlefront 2.

Battlefront 2 Droidekas – What are they?

Battlefront 2 Droidekas

Droidekas originally appeared in Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom Menace (1999). These powerful droids can move at great speed thanks to their ability to transform into a ball. When stationary, they fire with great ferocity while protecting themselves with a shield that fully surrounds. In the original Battlefront 2, Droidekas were a playable class. In the new Battlefront 2, however, you cannot play as a Droideka.

Despite this, a leaked PR screenshot back in August 2018 appeared to tease Battlefront 2 Droidekas. You can see this in the image above (we’ve highlighted it for you to make it stand out a little more). This obviously raised people’s hopes that Droidekas would come to Battlefront 2.

Battlefront 2 Droidekas release date – Are they coming to the game?

Battlefront 2 Droidekas

EA was quick to put paid to any hopes of Droidekas becoming playable in Battlefront 2. Taking to the official Battlefront 2 forums, EA explained that it has “no active plans for a Droideka.” EA explained that there aren’t “any assets within” the development version of the game for Droidekas. What appears in the screenshot above is a Droideka, but “an old, unused and partially built asset of a Droideka. The asset is nothing more than a static model.”

Despite the word back in August that neither EA nor Dice has any plans to add Droidekas into Battlefront 2, it’s safe enough to adopt a never-say-never attitude here. Who knows? Perhaps one day we’ll be rolling around in Battlefront 2 as everyone’s favorite Destroyer Droid. Let your voices be heard if you’re after it, folks.