Box art - Fallout 76

Fallout 76 Sugar Grove Key – Where is it?

Fallout 76 has many wonderful little goodies hidden away in the hills and rocks of Appalachia, from radiation-shooting weapons to haunted mines. However, nothing is more annoying than finding a locked door and not knowing how to get through it. There’s one such door located in the Sugar Grove, and you’ll need to get the Fallout 76 Sugar Grove Key (Blacksite Guard Key) in order to get past it. But where is the key, and why do you need to get past it in the first place? We’ve got the answers.

Why do you need the Fallout 76 Sugar Grove Key (Blacksite Guard Key)?

Fallout 76 Blacksite Guard Key Map

There are two ways to enter the Sugar Grove intelligence facility in the Savage Divide region, either by the front door or the back. You’ll have to hack a terminal either way, but if you go in the back entrance you’ll quickly find your way blocked. The corridor has collapsed, and the only door is locked. You need the Blacksite Guard Key to unlock it. You need to go inside this area as part of the Enclave questline, but maybe you’ve just been doing the “Protypical Problems” quest for the Order of Mysteries (which also sends you to Sugar Grove) and you’re just curious? Either way, you’ll need the key…

Where is the Fallout 76 Sugar Grove Key (Blacksite Guard Key)?

Fallout 76 Blacksite Guard Key Location

Fortunately the key is not far away, although it’s slightly difficult to explain. First, head to the other side of the building and through the office area, ignoring or destroying the turrets and other robots that will attack you as you pass. Head straight forward into the corridor and then left down some stairs to the next floor. Head straight forward again until you see the logo for the Sugar Grove intelligence facility, and some more stairs. Go down these and immediately turn right, into a room with a lot of computer equipment.

The key is in this room, but it’s a bit of a maze. Head all the way to the back of the room (you may get attacked along the way by mole rats, just kill them) and then to the top left corner of the room, which you can see above. On top of one of the computer stations here is a black box (in the picture it’s just above the center of the screen). Go around and you’ll see the box is open. Inside the box is the Fallout 76 Blacksite Guard Key. Aren’t you glad we told you?