Is Kingdom Hearts 3 the last game in the series?

Is Kingdom Hearts 3 the last game in the series? Sora’s story may be reaching its very last pages, but the sequel that’s been years in the making may not be the last we’ll see of the hugely successful Square/Disney property. So, will there be a Kingdom Hearts 4 or another Kingdom Hearts game after Kingdom Hearts 3? Let’s take a look at the evidence, rumor, and innuendo swirling around about the unknown. Remember, it’s taken over a decade just to get a third numbered entry, so we still might have a little longer to wait.

Is Kingdom Hearts 3 the last game in the series?

Kingdom Hearts 3 the last game

Surprisingly, almost definitely not. Of course, there’s the cynical reason(s) that are bound to surface about Square not wanting to drop a lucrative IP like a hot potato, especially if Kingdom Hearts 3 does gangbusters, but there’s plenty more concrete evidence beyond that.

For one thing, the 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue inclusion Kingdom Hearts Back Cover featured a mysterious box being lugged around by Luxu at the behest of the Master of Masters. Many have had a stab at guessing its contents, but the thread running through most theories indicates that this is going to be a starting point for a brand-new saga away from Sora’s story, one which should be done and dusted in Kingdom Hearts 3.

During an interview with Famitsu (H/T KHInsider), series director Tetsuya Nomura revealed that the Master of Masters, who appears in the prequel movie in 2.8 and appears to be the originator of many of the Keyblade conflicts to follow, wouldn’t be appearing in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Setting up such an important character only to leave him hanging makes me think he’ll play a major role later in the series in an entirely new story. So, no, Kingdom Hearts 3 probably isn’t the last game in the series, at least in terms of Nomura’s overall grand vision that he’s already planting seeds for.

However, one tantalizing quote from Tetusya Nomura may leave some fans feeling a little upset. This is the last we’ll almost definitely see of Sora, as he puts it to US Gamer: “I do feel a little sad when I think some characters will probably never appear ever again.”

But, even then, we’ll only be saying goodbye to some characters. See you in Kingdom Hearts 4, Goofy?