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Hitman 2 1.08 update patch notes

Welcome back, 47. The Hitman 2 1.08 update is now live on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. There’s new weapons to be used, snowballs to be thrown, and so much more beyond that. It really is a late Christmas present from the folks over at IO. That’s because there’s new Expansion Pass content and even some nifty bug fixes to pore over in the Hitman 2 1.08 update patch notes.

Hitman 2 1.08 update – Winter Sports Pack

Hitman 2 1.08 update

If you’ve bought the Expansion Pass, you’ll be pleased to know that your hard-earned bucks haven’t been spent in vain. Agent 47 now has a few new tricks up his sleeve as the barcoded one now gets a few new items to play with. These include:

  • Winter Sports Suit
  • Snowball
  • Piton (weapon)
  • Quickdraw (weapon)
  • Arctic Tool Box (container)

Hitman 2 1.08 update – Snow Festival

Hitman 2 1.08 update

But what good is climbing gear and, uhh, snowballs, if there’s no one to throw them at? Well, you’re in luck. Those with the original Hitman legacy content can now jump into the Snow Festival in Haikkado for another round of fresh assassinations. Can you kill someone with a snowball? Just try and find out.

If you don’t own the legacy pack, you can still play the Snow Festival (and the entire Haikkado level, for that matter) from January 22 until February 12, so long as you download the Hitman 2 1.08 update first.

Hitman 2 1.08 update – Bug fixes and changes

Hitman 2 1.08 update

While the supposed “hundreds” of improvements made in Hitman 2 1.08 aren’t listed (and, to be fair, this isn’t a game that needs a massive technical overhaul), there are a few curious changes and pleasing fixes to make Agent 47’s globetrotting killfest a more pleasant, smoother experience.

  • You can now increase the size of the interaction text. A must for those visually impaired or, indeed, aren’t too well accustomed to this generation’s fad of ever-smaller text sizes
  • More crash fixes have been implemented
  • A Miami bug involving Sierra’s car not crashing despite being, y’know, filled with explosives has thankfully been ironed out
  • Various Miami and Whittleton Creek mission fixes

Hitman 2 1.08 update patch notes (full)

Hitman 2 1.08 update

For the full changelog of Hitman 2 1.08 update patch notes, head on over to IO’s site.