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FIFA 19 1.08 update patch notes | Timed Finishing nerf, Pro Clubs fixes, and more

The FIFA 19 1.08 update is here. Known as the FIFA 19 Title Update 7 on PC, the new update is a big one, focusing on Timed Finishing nerfs across the board, Pro Clubs and Career Mode fixes, as well as a whole host of other changes to keep the game fresh as we hurtle towards the end of the January Transfer Window. Without further ado, here are the highlights of the FIFA 19 1.08 update patch notes.

FIFA 19 1.08 update patch notes | Timed Finishing changes

Thank the footballing gods for this. Whether you’re a dab hand at exploiting the Timed Finishing in-game or are fed up of seeing finesse shots fly into the net from the same position every single time, this is something you’re going to want to be aware of.

  • Timed Finesse shots are now less effective
  • The “green” Timed Finishing window has been reduced
  • Yellow Timed Finishing shots will now be off-target more often than not
  • Finesse shots (both Timed and non-Timed) from outside the box have been nerfed

Plus, in non-Timed Finishing shooting changes, near post shots inside the box are more likely to hit the target or, at least, challenge the keeper. Previously, they’d have a tendency to veer wide.

FIFA 19 1.08 update patch notes | Career Mode

Ah, Career Mode. EA traditionally leaves things be in this ever-present single-player mode but there’s been a few changes with the FIFA 19 1.08 update.

Firstly, ratings that were previously stagnant for no reason, and sometimes showed a -1 stat drop across all attritbutes, are now back to normal. In addition to that, fixes have been brought in for the FA Cup Final being played before the end of a Premier League season as well as those finishing top not obtaining the “Win The League” accomplishment.

FIFA 19 1.08 update patch notes | Pro Clubs

“Any” players, rejoice! Your Pro’s stamina will now drop at the same rate as the rest of your players, whereas previously it wasn’t on a level playing field with players who chose to play in a specific position. That’s ironic. You should also now be able to see your squad’s stats in the Club menu for goals, assists, and so on. This has been absent since launch.

FIFA 19 1.08 update patch notes | Goalkeeper AI

Goalkeepers who are being manually moved by players using the right stick are nowhere near as quick to change direction post-update. Pre-1.08, they could be used to rapidly come and claim free kicks and corners.

FIFA 19 1.08 update patch notes (full)

For the full technical analysis included in the FIFA 19 1.08 update patch notes, check out EA’s Pitch Notes page.