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Kingdom Hearts 3 Find Buzz | Where is the Toy Story Kid Korral location?

If you can’t find Buzz in Kingdom Hearts 3 you’ve come to the right place. Trying to find the Toy Box Kid Korral location in the Toy Story world is a tricky task that’s stumping all but the most seasoned of Kingdom Hearts vets. Here’s how to complete the Kingdom Hearts 3 Find Buzz quest step by making your way to the open window in Kid Korral and collecting all the green blocks.

What is the Kingdom Hearts 3 Find Buzz mission?

kingdom hearts 3 find buzz

Late in the Toy Story world, it’s revealed that Buzz Lightyear has been taken into a dark corridor. Using intel from Sarge, you’re tasked with heading to a “shadowy portal in the Kid Korral.” In fact, Sarge has the goods when it comes to where you need to look, and I quote: “We can infiltrate from a window inside Babies and Toddlers.”

Why can’t I find Buzz in Kingdom Hearts 3?

kingdom hearts 3 find buzz

Be it a mis-translation or simply a mis-understanding, it’s actually pretty hard to know where Kid Korral is thanks to the clues you’re given. There is a window outside the Babies and Toddlers: Dolls store, which looks like this.

kingdom hearts 3 find buzz

Other than that, you might seem like you’re wandering around in circles looking for a dark portal to crop up seeing as how the pause menu description tells you to “Go through the small window in Babies and Toddlers: Outdoors.” But there’s an easy-to-miss solution.

How to find Buzz Lightyear and Kid Korral in Kingdom Hearts 3

kingdom hearts 3 find buzz

We were looking in the wrong place all along. Yes, you have to go to 3F, but not to the Babies and Toddlers: Dolls store like you may have surmised. Instead, you’re going to want to head across the way to the Play Place store. It’s directly opposite the Dolls store window.

Once there, a cutscene will start rolling and point you in the direction of Kid Korral. The window you have to hop through will look like this:

kingdom hearts 3 find buzz

Kid Korral Green Block locations

After that, it’s a case of finding blocks in Kid Korral. You’ll see the first set of green blocks immediately in front of you during the tutorial-style explanation.

The second pile of green blocks can be found in the middle of the room you first entered, though you’ll have to defeat some Gigas enemies first. Easy.

kingdom hearts 3 find buzz

As for the third green block pile? Go through the first (yellow-hued) floor of the big play area at the back of the room.

kingdom hearts 3 find buzz

Turn right, and make your way through the dice-laden corridor to the left of the ball pit.

kingdom hearts 3 find buzz

At the end of the corridor you’ll have to fight a few enemies which will clear the blocks away for you to re-arrange.

Kingdom Hearts 3 find buzz

Enter the playhouse one last time and jump up to the top floor.

kingdom hearts 3 find buzz

You’ll then trigger a wave of enemies. Defeat them and the final set of blocks will be waiting for you, again, at the very top. Check the color coding on the walls and floor if you get lost: Yellow is the first floor, red is the second, blue third, and green is the fourth (top) floor.

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