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Kingdom Hearts 3 1.10 Update Patch Notes

Surprise! A brand new Kingdom Hearts 3 update is available to download and install right now. In this guide, we’ll let you in on the complete list of Kingdom Hearts 3 1.10 update patch notes. It’s not a big update, however, so don’t go in expecting anything drastic. Despite this, the update should make your overall Kingdom Hearts 3 experience even better than it was before. Read on to discover everything the new update is fixing and improving.

Kingdom Hearts 3 1.10 Update Patch Notes

Kingdom Hearts 3 1.10 update

As stated above, there isn’t too much to tell you about the Kingdom Hearts 3 version 1.10 update. Indeed, there are just two Kingdom Hearts 3 1.10 update patch notes to tell you about here, and one of them is rather vague:

  • After turning on EZ Codes (Battle Codes) and PRO Codes in the Premium Menu, the number of active codes will appear on-screen during play
  • Various issues have been fixed

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Unfortunately, we don’t know what the various issues are that have been fixed. According to this Reddit post from u/PhillipOlliverholes, however, it seems as though you can still go out-of-bounds in Data Greeting following the update. It seems as though Square Enix is yet to fix that particular bug. According to a comment in the same thread, the character clipping, oob, and infinite height in Data Greeter bugs are still in the game, too.

At least it’s nice to be able to see how many EZ and Pro Codes we have active on-screen while we’re playing from now on. This should improve your experience if you’re keen on using those Codes. Again, it’s difficult to know exactly what the version 1.10 update has fixed exactly. At least it appears as though the out-of-bounds glitch in Data Greeting is still in the game. Take that news as you will, we’ve seen more than a few of you happy with it still being in the game, anyway.