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All Kingdom Hearts 3 Summons

Kingdom Hearts 3 is finally here and many of you are spending time rediscovering your love for the famous crossover series. Summons have returned in Kingdom Hearts 3 and we’re here to help you learn about all Kingdom Hearts 3 Summons you can get your hands on. Read on to find out what every KH 3 Link does, with particular detail on the returning Kingdom Hearts 3 Meow Wow Balloon Summon Link from Dream Drop Distance.

All Kingdom Hearts 3 Summons

Kingdom Hearts 3 Summons

For a relatively lengthy game filled with hundreds of battles, there aren’t too many Summons in Kingdom Hearts 3. There are only five Link Summon characters you can call upon in battle. Thankfully, each one is powerful and comes equipped with various attacks and abilities that you can use.

You will have to unlock each of the Link characters in Kingdom Hearts 3. To do this, you will need to collect the item that allows you to summon them in battle. Thankfully, these should all be easy enough to pick up through playing the story.

Every time you use a Link Summon, your HP will be fully restored, but it will use up the entirety of your MP. Sound use of a Summon can turn the tide of a battle entirely in your favor, however. Each character has strong attacks and special abilities that your team otherwise does not. Ariel, for example, can dive underwater meaning that you can avoid all enemy damage for a while.

Below is the complete list of all Kingdom Hearts 3 Summons:

  • Sea Spectacle (Ariel from The Little Mermaid)
  • Meow Wow Balloon
  • 8-Bit Blast (Ralph from Wreck-it-Ralph
  • King’s Flare (Simba from The Lion King)
  • Plasma Encounter (Stitch from Lilo & Stitch)

As you can see, there is only one Link Summon that isn’t a Disney character in that list. Meow Wow returns in Kingdom Hearts 3.

KH 3 Meow Wow Balloon Summon Link

Kingdom Hearts 3 Summons

Returning from Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance, Meow Wow is back and with some new abilities to boot.

Meow Wow’s Tornado Jump attack is strong and can damage multiple enemies at once, for example, as is its Deflate Dash attack, sending Sora and Meow Wow hurtling around the place as he really lets the air out of himself when combined with multuple Tornado Jump attacks in a row. Meow Wow’s powerful Finish attack (which you can use with a tap of Y or Triangle) sends out a balloon parade that damages all those it hits.