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Is there a Kingdom Hearts 3 New Game Plus mode?

Given the modern framework of RPGs, expecting a Kingdom Hearts 3 New Game Plus option to pop up after completing the game and beating the final boss wouldn’t be too much to ask. But this time around, with no Final Mix forthcoming, there doesn’t appear to be any option to start KH3 with all Keyblades and gear from your original save with more difficulty enemies. There is something you can do once you’ve completed the game, but it’s not a traditional KH 3 NG+ experience.

Is there a Kingdom Hearts 3 New Game Plus mode?

Kingdom Hearts 3 new game plus

To put it bluntly, there is not a Kingdom Hearts 3 New Game Plus mode. In fact, once the game is completed, your only two options is to start a new game from the title screen (if you want to play a game with a new build or on a new difficulty) or load your completed save up from the title menu.

The completed save, which is marked with a crown, is the only way you can go through endgame content with more difficult enemies, as well as fighting your way through all 16 Battlegates. Once loaded up, you’ll be whisked away to Scala ad Caelum, moments before the final boss.

Here you can use the save portal to travel to other Disney worlds and locations, should you so wish. The combat levels of each will have shifted slightly, too. While it’s not a replacement for a proper KH3 New Game Plus, it’ll at least offer a small challenge for those wanting to try out all Keyblades and beefed-up abilities. The new combat levels are as follows:

  • Twilight Town – Level 24
  • Olympus – Level 30
  • Toy Box – Level 32
  • Kingdom of Corona – Level 34
  • Monstropolis – Level 36
  • Arendelle – Level 38
  • The Caribbean – Level 40
  • San Fransokyo – Level 42
  • Keyblade Graveyard – Level 46

Elsewhere, the absence of a Critical Mode is particularly telling. Even completing the game on Proud Mode won’t unlock the ultra-hard difficulty for use in Kingdom Hearts 3. You’re gonna have to make do with the content packed into the game after beating the final boss, I’m afraid.