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How to unlock Kingdom Hearts 3 Secret Reports | What do the Secret Reports reveal about the KH3 story?

Unlocking Kingdom Hearts 3 Secret Reports might be near the bottom of your to-do list, but reading through these story amplifiers, essentially the Kingdom Hearts 3 Ansem’s Reports of its day, is well worth doing. But it’s not entirely obvious where to go first. Here’s how to unlock and read every Secret Report in Kingdom Hearts 3. That even includes a look at why there isn’t a 14th Secret Report for you to flick through.

How to unlock Kingdom Hearts 3 Secret Reports

Kingdom Hearts 3 secret reports

You need to beat 13 of the game’s 15 Battlegates, which each one granting you a Secret Report for completing it:

  • Secret Reports 1 and 2 – Complete Olympus Battlegates (#1 and #2)
  • Secret Report 3 – Complete Twilight Town Battlegate (#3)
  • Secret Reports 4 and 5 – Complete Toy Box Battlegates (#4 and #5)
  • Secret Reports 6 and 7 – Complete Kingdom of Corona Battlegates (#6 and #7)
  • Secret Report 8 – Complete Monstropolis Battlegate (#8)
  • Secret Report 9 – Complete Arendelle Battlegate (#9)
  • Secret Report 10 – Complete The Caribbean Battlegate (#10)
  • Secret Reports 11 and 12 – Complete San Fransokyo Battlegates (#11 and #12)
  • Secret Report 13 – Complete Keyblade Graveyard Battlegate #13

It is worth noting that beating Battlegate #0 and Battlegate #14 respectively will not get you a Secret Report.

Where is the 14th Kingdom Hearts 3 Secret Report?

Kingdom Hearts 3 secret reports

There isn’t one! As you may have noticed, Kingdom Hearts 3 has a bit of an obsession with the number 13, as does the rest of the series. 13 Seekers of Darkness, 13 Ansem Reports, and now 13 KH3 Secret Reports.

How to read Secret Reports in Kingdom Hearts 3

Kingdom Hearts 3 secret reports

You can read the Secret Reports by pausing your game and clicking through to the Gummiphone. Once there, you’ll see the second row down will have “Secret Reports” on the right-hand side.

What’s in the Kingdom Hearts 3 Secret Reports?

Kingdom Hearts 3 secret reports

While it’d be laborious (and not as exciting) of me to run through each and every Kingdom Hearts 3 Secret Report and what they mean in painstaking detail, know this: these are only meant to be complementary to the story and, as such, may not bear much meaning on the main plot or the events to come. However, the reference to the figure of “X” and experimentations on X may hint at a Foreteller who has another role to play in any future plot. As for everything else? Who knows what goes in on the mad and wonderful mind of series director Tetsuya Nomura. Clues may be hidden throughout the Secret Reports but even the most die-hard fan will struggle to put the pieces together in places.

Are Ansem’s Reports in Kingdom Hearts 3?

Kingdom Hearts 3 secret reports

No, they’re not. They’re effectively replaced by the Secret Reports and, as such, aren’t written by Ansem but, in part, by a Foreteller, Ienzo, Xehanort, and Saix.