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Jump Force Multiplayer lobby guide | Can I invite my friends to a game?

There’s still plenty of questions about how Jump Force multiplayer lobbies will work. The game is due for release in two weeks’ time, but players are still unsure how multiplayer and matchmaking will operate, even after the open beta last weekend. So, can you invite friends to a game? Find out if this is possible with our Jump Force multiplayer lobby guide.

Jump Force multiplayer lobby | Can I invite friends?

jump force multiplayer lobby invite friends

Let’s look at how the open beta panned out first. Players had a rough time taking part in the beta trial due to a number of technical problems, and this has led to concerns about the game’s final form. However, there were some who were able to test out the Jump Force multiplayer lobby, and it seemed to work okay for an open beta.

What is causing plenty of contention since the open beta ended, however, is a tweet from Bandai Namco about the Jump Force multiplayer lobby. The game’s publisher replied to one concerned player about being able to invite your friends into the same game you’re playing.

To put it simply, you won’t be able to. Bandai Namco revealed that this feature wouldn’t be possible in the final version. Players can invite friends to a lobby and start battles from there, though, which admittedly does little to help with any confusion.

Jump Force multiplayer lobby | How do I play with friends?

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Through luck of the draw, most likely. If you can’t invite your friends into private games, the only way you’ll be able to play with them is sheer chance. You’ll have to keep refreshing the lobby’s servers and hope that you run into your pals that way.

It is utterly bizarre for Bandai Namco and the game’s developer Spike Chunsoft to not include a Jump Force multiplayer lobby that lets you invite friends. For a game that is built for multiplayer action, it would be perfect to have this option. Unfortunately, it isn’t present.