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The Division 2 Friend Codes | How to invite friends to The Division 2 Beta

You can invite friends to The Division 2 Beta except, this being launch day, it’s not all that easy. Ubisoft’s friend referral system allows you to send The Division 2 friend referral codes to up to three friends so you can team up and play co-op on the Beta across the weekend, just as long as you’ve got an invite. Except it’s not exactly clear what you need to do. But there’s an easier way to find out. Read on below to see how to invite friends to The Division 2 Beta as well as how to redeem a friend code once you’ve got the email.

How to invite friends to The Division 2 Beta

Invite friends to The Division 2

Before you get started, you’re going to need a few things:

  • Your Ubisoft account login details that are linked to either your PSN ID, PC account, or Gametag
  • An invite to The Division 2 Beta starting February 7
  • The same console as the friends you wish to invite

Then, you need to follow Ubisoft’s instructions. Namely, log in to your Ubisoft account on the Beta site. From there, you’ll be able to select the three friends you want to send invites to, so long as they also have Ubisoft accounts and are on the same platform.

To do this, go to the Beta site link above and scroll down to “check your eligibility.” Log in through here and you’ll be returned to the original landing page. Scroll down and click the option to invite your friends. You’ll then have the chance to invite up to three friends.

How to redeem a friend referral code in The Division 2 Beta

Invite friends to The Division 2

Your friends will then have to sign in to the email account that is linked to their Ubisoft account. It’s then just a matter of following the instructions on the email, them logging into the Beta site themselves. The final step, which won’t be fully explained to you, is heading to your respective platform’s storefront to download The Division 2 Beta.

Be warned, however, that some people will not be able to receive invites due to an error that has seen them wrongly “banned,” as per The Division Twitter account. The situation should have been cleared up but, just in case, it can’t hurt to attempt to re-send the invite using the method above.