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The Division 2 Beta Update Today Patch Notes | What’s changed in the new The Division 2 2.01 update?

Don’t be alarmed, but The Division 2 Beta update today is here to make a few changes to make sure the game is prepped for the weekend. The Division 2 2.01 update (as Ubisoft calls it, bizarrely), is out on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 now and makes changes to a few issues that have been hanging around since launch. It’s all here in The Division 2 Beta update patch notes.

The Division 2 Beta Update Today (February 8) | What’s changed?

The Division 2 Beta Update

Error fixes

One of the big errors that (inevitably) cropped up on Beta launch day was one involving server connection issues and people being booted from the game. You can discover the ins and outs of it in our The Division 2 Beta Delta 03 error guide but, most importantly, Ubisoft and Massive have squashed the bug, meaning you shouldn’t be kicked from any games due to supposed server issues anymore.

“Copying” on PS4

This is, weirdly, something that stems from the update you’ve downloaded. Or, if you’re on PS4, still downloading. That’s because the dreaded PS4 “copying” error, which sees downloads take an extremely long time to complete once downloaded, affects The Division 2 2.01 update. This is all despite it being a paltry 189 MB patch. Just be patient and it’ll work itself out. Eventually.

Crash and audio bugs

Finally, with it being such a small patch, there wasn’t much ground to cover. However, two more big Beta bugs have been eradicated: a crash fix involving PC and PS4 players not being able to start The Division 2 if they were to be invited without the game/client open has been deployed, which will make many breathe a sigh of relief. Also, non-English audio has been fixed, with NPCs no longer not saying anything or saying things too quietly. You can turn those speakers down now. I promise.

The Division 2 Beta Update Today Patch Notes

The Division 2 Beta Update

  • Note to PS4 players – while this patch is only 189mb, it might take longer than normal to install. You can download and install the patch right now and be ready for the servers coming online again
  • Fixed several sources of game server crashes that resulted in DELTA-3 error messages
  • Audio issues with NPCs in languages other than English have been fixed
  • PC and PS4 players will not crash upon launching the game when accepting a group invite outside of the game anymore.