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Far Cry New Dawn Tips | Beginner’s guide

Far Cry New Dawn is out today and even though it may be too similar to its predecessors, players still will need to learn some of the new mechanics to get ahead. Initially, it’s a lot to take in but here are some tips to help you get ahead in Far Cry New Dawn.

Far Cry New Dawn Tips | Save some of your perk points

You may want to dump all of your perk points into everything as soon as you get them but you should fight that urge. This includes the perks you can infinitely dump points into. While that seems counterintuitive, you’ll want to save them for later in the game.

At around the 60 percent mark, you’ll be granted a few new skills that take seven or eight perk points each to unlock. If you’ve been dumping all of your perk points as soon as you get them, you won’t be able to experience these new abilities. As long as you don’t buy the worthless skills like vehicle sabotage and repeatedly dump points into the infinite perks, you should be fine. But it is worth keeping an eye out for.

Far Cry New Dawn Tips | Prioritize weapon crafting

Far Cry new dawn titanium

Out of all of the RPG mechanics in the game, building out your base is the most all encompassing. There are many different sections to build out but the weapons workbench is probably the most important.

The Rank 1 weapons are trash and incredibly ineffective to almost everything outside of weak grunts and most plant life. Having a better workbench means that you can get better guns to be able to do damage to higher leveled opponents and travel to more areas of the map. The other parts of the base are important too, but nothing is more important than a good gun.

Far Cry New Dawn Tips | Get the lockpicking skill early

Far Cry new dawn safes

The lock picking skill shouldn’t be the first skill you get (the extra ones are handy) but you should try to get it as early as you can. Titanium is incredibly valuable in the early parts of the game and much of its is locked inside of safes. You’ll likely find a lot of these doing treasure hunts but be unable to open them and, once you complete said treasure, you probably won’t remember where that safe is. Having the skill from the jump will stop you from having to pass over any of the safes, and therefore titanium, you come across.

Far Cry New Dawn Tips | Kill the alarms in the bases

Far Cry has almost always had outposts in some respects and New Dawn is no different. Past games have incentivized the player to sneak around and stealthily bring down these encampments but New Dawn‘s new focus on gathering materials makes this more important than ever.

Ethanol is hard to come by and one of the main resources in the game. And players get a bonus bit of ethanol if they don’t get detected or set off an alarm. This makes it all the more important to prioritize sneaking in these outposts. So take it slowly and either shoot the alarms from a distance or manually override them when you get close. It’s always good to circle a base from the outside and disable the alarms and then to move in from there. Nana and Timber, the dog, are good companions to have for this type of play.

Far Cry New Dawn Tips | Turn off a lot of the HUD

Far Cry new dawn tips

There’s a difference between guiding the player and drowning them with information and Far Cry New Dawn, on its default settings, skews toward the latter. But, thankfully, you can change that. Go into the pause menu and then to options and then interface to turn off all the superfluous parts of the HUD.

This includes stuff like those annoying perk points updates, the crouch indicator, obtrusive damage dealt numbers, objective messages, intel updates, and more. And if you’re feeling extra frisky, go ahead and turn off the ammo and health indicators. You should naturally know when you’re low on that stuff anyway.

Far Cry New Dawn Tips | Murder animals

Far Cry new dawn tips

PETA might not be happy about this tip but murdering animals it does help. Not only do most have a perk points attached to them but you can also trade in the skins for useful materials. This is especially applicable to the monstrous animals that yield fantastic rewards for their skins like circuit boards or carbon fiber. Some of said monstrous animals skins are even needed to craft the Elite guns.

In addition to doing as many treasure hunts as you can as well as making sure you always loot, you should be good to go for your trip to this nuclear wasteland.