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Far Cry New Dawn Air Drop | How to unlock

The Far Cry New Dawn air drop ability is something that you’ll want to get as soon as possible. This handy base upgrade will be able to drop you from the sky instead of heading off at ground level. If you want to know how to unlock the Far Cry New Dawn air drop upgrade, you’ve come to the right place.

Far Cry New Dawn air drop | How to unlock

Far Cry New Dawn Air drop unlock

The first steps that you’ll need to take, in order to get the Far Cry New Dawn air drop ability, is to upgrade your Prosperity homebase expeditions area. We’ve already covered how to unlock levels one and two of this with this guide. Once you have those on lockdown, the next step is getting the air drop upgrade.

To upgrade to level three and get this ability, you’ll need two things. First, you’ll have to acquired 250 ethanol. This is the main resource in the game, so keep hold of enough until you can unlock the air drop ability.

After that, your Prosperity homebase will need to be at level three overall. You can upgrade its level by, ironically, upgrading the eight sub-sections of the homebase, and recruiting settlers to come and live in your haven. Once both of these are achieved, you can go ahead and get the air drop ability.

Far Cry New Dawn air drop | How to use

Far Cry New Dawn Air drop ability upgrade

To use the Far Cry New Dawn air drop ability, you’ll have to open your map. Does this using the menu button on whatever controller you have. Then, simply move over to the settlement or outpost that you want to send supplies to.

Hover over their symbol, and click on it. You’ll have three options to choose from, which are fast travel, air drop, or cancel. Select the second one, and you’ll now parachute into the area instead of merely walking or driving there.